GlUSEPPE 0TTAVlANl & Derek McnaIIy // BRlGHTHEART (Official Music Video)

Next-gen live-on-stage concept performances, bold new studio directions and - most recently - breaking artist album news… Electronic music artisan GlUSEPPE 0TTAVlANl has already given the scene plenty to consider and plenty to cheer in 2016. Following the spellbinding Slow Emotion in July, the Italian beats the ALMA album drum that much harder today, with the release of its second single, ‘BRlGHTHEART’. Flipping his of-late script, the track represents GlUSEPPE’s first male-vocal fronted production in over two years and teams him with the highly talented DEREK MCNALLY. Having sung on a litany of luminaries’ releases (TST, AvB, B.T., PvD, FERRY C0RSTEN and CHlCANE to mention but a few), DEREK has demonstrated his impressive vocal worth time and time again. The brilliant BRlGHTHEART though could just prove to be both artists finest studio moment to date. ALMA is shaping up to be one autumn’s most intriguing album propositions and here’s another example of why. Moving its progress bar another step closer to release, BRlGHTHEART brings new aspects, elements and perspectives to both GlUSEPPE and DEREK’s oeuvres. After Slow Emotion, the track sees GlUSEPPE operating again well outside of his best-known-for sound. His Extended Mix carves a far deeper and more palpably atmospheric edge to the track. Moodier in places, more soulful in others, every production element is brilliantly honed & superbly defined within the track’s context. To that DEREK delivers a next level high in profound songwriting and expressive vocals. Concluding with a chorus that’ll live long in the mind - well after the track itself has played out, this is an anthem-in-the-making for those in search of music more meaningful.

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