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Derek Mcnally // You're Not AIone

In electronic music, Derek Mcnally’s collaborative roll call is about as starry as it gets. 3T, TST, AvB, PvD, Chicane, OakenfoId, Corsten - just some of the names who, over time, have sought out his unmistakable voice and incisive lyrics. It is indeed a far greater rarity to see the GRAMMY nominate

0MNIA feat. Derek McnaIIy // All l See ls You

There’s no doubt about it. ‘All l See ls You’ has to be one of the most addictive records of the year. The combination of 0MNIA’s renowned signature sound and Derek McnaIIy’s soul-nourishing vocals is a match made in heaven, a beautiful story shot straight in the hearts of anyone who listens. This i

Derek McnaIIy // BRlGHT EN0UGH T0 SEE Y0U

UK singer Derek Mcnally is fairly owing the status of being a living icon in the dance scene around the world, when it comes to the number of his featuring in a series of huge hits worldwide, teaming up with artists the likes of AvB, TST, PvD, BBenassi and SW4NKY TVNES, just to name a few. His backg