Kaspersky Security Cloud - the first adaptive digital security service

With infections, online attacks and cybercrime on the rise… how can you stay safe? Kaspersky Security Cloud is the first adaptive security. It senses when danger’s around and automatically adapts, so you’ve got the right security at the right time. Whether you’re socializing, shopping, banking, streaming or emailing your security automatically adjusts to help protect exactly what you’re doing. Because we use cloud-based technologies you get fast security that puts less load on your devices, so there’s more space & performance for the things you want to do. And the built-in Security Adviser acts like your very own security expert warning you about threats that are directly relevant to what you’re doing online and beyond. Whenever you connect to a public Wi-Fi, we help to ensure the data & messages you send & receive aren’t intercepted, so your confidential information won’t fall into the wrong hands. All your passwords, address details and credit card numbers are locked in a secure vault that only you can access. We also give you powerful, new ways to help keep your children safe. It’s easy to manage your security – for any of your devices – through the My Kaspersky portal. To protect your connected world on multiple devices choose Kaspersky Security Cloud – Personal. And to protect your family – including your kids – choose Kaspersky Security Cloud – Family. It evolves. It advises. It defends. Kaspersky Security Could. http://www.MySecurityCloud.co.uk

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