Kevin and Maria [ Carita de Inocente - Prince Royce, Mike Towers ] Bachata @ Piramma Park How I Leveled Up My Dancing Even As World Champion Online Courses Available 00:00 - Intro Kevin S Tsai and Maria-Elena Greco dancing bachata Social Dance Bachata Online Course: Website: Social Dance Bachata Bachata Sensual Intermediate Class at Latin Dance Australia Christian Castillo and Rebecca Vallejo-Manuelian demo at intermediate-advanced bachata sensual class Private FB Group: Follow us on social media: #bachataonlinecourse #bachtasensual #socialdancebachata #learnbachata

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How to Predict the Music for Bachata and Zouk

Also watch this for musicality: 🎓 Online Courses 🕺 Private Lesson (In-Person & online) Timestamp 00:00 - Intro 01:07 - Art and Structure 02:12 - The Structure 03:10 - Kill Jill (Zouk) 04:49 -

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Where I will host my free online course (if you sign up now you'll get an email when the course is released): 🎓 Online Courses Sorry guys I broke my computer again and because Apple is having a major supply chain issue, it took a while to get it fixed. In fact, I'm sti