12 Year zouk dancer on breathing and why she WON'T do styling

This is the first time I do this style of video, I was planning on cutting it to 15 minutes but I find the whole full-length video is very important as it will help understand the full picture of our topic which I think is going to be incredibly powerful for your dancing. To find Heidi & Zouk Unity team https://www.facebook.com/m1a0uw https://www.zoukunitydance.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ZoukUnityDance https://www.facebook.com/groups/400096556736382 🎓 Online Courses https://learn.kevotsai.com/ 🕺 Private Lesson (In-Person & online) https://booking.kevotsai.com/ Timestamp 00:00 - Intro 03:30 - Heidi's Zouk Evolution 05:30 - Breathing Benefits 09:25 - Breathing Techniques 12:00 - Applying Breathing in Dancing 18:00 - How to be Not Boring as Leader 29:00 - Different Applications of Breathing 31:10 - Why Heidi Doesn't Do Styling 35:00 - How to Incorporate Natural Movement as Lady Styling 38:15 - How Leads Can Support Followers Learn This Concept 45:40 - Outro In the video 💃🕺 Kevin & Heidi 📍Sydney, Australia 🌐 https://www.kevotsai.com/ https://www.facebook.com/KSTDancer/ Bachata ► https://www.instagram.com/socialdancebachatahttps://www.facebook.com/socialdancebachata/https://www.tiktok.com/@socialdancebachata More ► Online Course: https://learn.kevotsai.com/ ► Website: https://www.socialdancebachata.com/ About Us We are a community of social dancers focused on creating content and events to help each other achieve our dancing goals. On this youtube channel, we provide various content from class demo, tutorials, social dancing, news and announcements relevant to all things bachata and Brazillian Zouk. Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy the content, that would mean a lot to us. #bachataonlinecourse #bachtasensual #socialdancebachata #learnbachata #bachata #bachatasensual #howtobachatasensual #howtosocialdancebachata #socialdancebachata #bachataflow #socialdancingbachata #howtodancebachatasensual #bachatasensualdancetutorial #kevinstsai #bachatatipsforbeginners #brazillianzouk #bachataclassforbeginners #bachatadancelessonsbeginner #kevinsocialdancebachata #bailessensualbachata #bachataclassadvanced #bachatasensuallessonforbeginners #zouk

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Where I will host my free online course (if you sign up now you'll get an email when the course is released): 🎓 Online Courses https://learn.kevotsai.com/ Sorry guys I broke my computer again and because Apple is having a major supply chain issue, it took a while to get it fixed. In fact, I'm sti