Sarılar – Qarabağ atının izi ilə

BP-nin maliyyə dəstəyilə “Sarılar – Qarabağ atının izi ilə” adlı sənədli film hazırlanıb. Bu film vətəni Azərbaycanın Qarabağ bölgəsi olan nadir cins atların daha geniş miqyasda tanınmasına BP şirkətinin töhfəsidir.

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Igniting the energy within David Behre

At BP, we believe the human spirit is the most powerful energy of all. The courage to achieve what matters most and be the very best you can be. It’s what drives David Behre and all Para athletes to go further and overcome every challenge in their path. Discover what ignited David’s energy within an

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David’s unbreakable spirit was ignited nine years ago when, in the days following his accident, he decided how to live the rest of his life. He never thought about what he’d lost, only what he had gained: the energy within. This propelled him to become World Champion in 2015 and with under 100 days