NEVER WALKING AGAIN - The Hoverboards arrived, hello future!

As I saw the first vine with a hoverboard from LA I instantly knew - I want one of them too!! But I.O.-Hawks costs around 1500 Euro und Phunkeeducks are also costs over 1000 Euro. So I decided to be brave and checked out Coolrealls Model for 400 Euro. I think never before a product changed my lifestyle as much as the hoverboard did. This faster and easier movement on the board is just awesome. Love it or hate it - the device is a „Neckbreaker“ (Everyone looks at it while your passing by and is turning his head) and attention magnet - in L.A. and New York they are very popular, but in germany still pretty unknown. I will definetly never be without my hoverboard again - enjoy watching the video!, our sites & infos: hoTodi | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | alugha | Hoverboard, technical details and properties: Brand: Coolreall Model: Dreamwalker Weight: 12kg Battery: 4400 mAh certified LG Li-Ion Battery Motor-Power: 1000W Range 15km Charging time: 1-2 h Special Features: Regenerative braking system (recharged the battery while braking) Vmax: ca. 15km/h Price: ca. 400,- EUR Buy here: ATTENTION: Because of multiple Fireaccidents caused by the battery on other Hoverboardmodels with cheap noname-batterys amazon just removed all the hoverboards from their website. The Coolreall Hoverboard is one of the higher quality Boards and has a built-in certified LG Li-Ion Battery. We recommend: DONT BUY cheap hoverboards from other brands, if they don’t have a LG, Samsung or other brand-quality battery built in! Personal final thought: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I can’t tell you more. The battery is pretty quick charged, the range is totally enough for regular use, just the battery display is not precise and the case very scratch-prone, but this feeling of driving it just let me forget all that. Definitely a buy recommendation from me - Hoverboards are for me the Top-product of 2015!

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