Kevin and Sara Panero [Adicto - Prince Royce, Marc Anthony] Bachata @ Bailando Sensual 2020 How I Leveled Up My Dancing Even As World Champion - Christian Castillo Online Courses Available 00:00 - Intro Social Dance Bachata Online Course: Website: Social Dance Bachata First time dancing with a pro at Bailando Sensual Sydney 2020, a memorable time although I was very nervous, Sara Panero was very kind and we had an amazing dance. Private FB Group: Follow us on social media: #bachataonlinecourse #bachtasensual #socialdancebachata #learnbachata

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Tilted Head Turn Bachata Sensual Tutorial | SDB Film Room

Tilted head turn in bachata is one of the most beautiful moves that is simple but can be tricky to lead. Previous episode: Who's Responsibility? Lead & Follow. 🎡 Jack and Jill with a Wheel 🎓 Online Courses https://l