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* BLACK BEAR * | Animals For Kids Quality, educational videos for kids. Made in the UK. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Black Bears. Big strong black bears are powerful animals. Most black bears have a lovely black coat with a light brown nose. They are a medium sized bear. That are smaller than grizzly bears, but bigger than a panda bears. They have sharp claws on their paws which are great for climbing. And can be found in North America, Mexico and Canada. In winter black bears hibernate. This is when they sleep all winter, living off stored body fat from eating lots and lots. Black bears eat almost anything. From berries and fruit. To salmon, small animals and food they come across. Which means they are omnivores like humans. They use their sensitive noses, to smell food or other bears. Most black bears live alone, which means they are solitary animals. Cute baby bears are called cubs. Oops. It’s difficult to walk in the snow. Their wonderful mums look after them when they are little. Aren’t black bears mums great. What’s your favourite bear? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcript: alugha

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