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* GIRAFFE * | Animals For Kids Quality, educational videos for kids. Made in the UK. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Giraffe always have the best view! Tall necks and long skinny legs. Giraffes tower above all their friends. Their large bulging eyes give them great all-round vision too. Giraffes bodies are covered with wonderful orangey brown spots. This works as great camouflage. They still have to be very careful while drinking though. That's when they are most vulnerable to attack from other animals, like lions! It's always good to have a friend to look out for you! Being so tall means they can eat from the tallest trees. Giraffes love to munch down thorny Acacia trees. Luckily their purple tongues are tough. And covered in strong bristly hair, to protect them from the sharp thorns. Naughty male Giraffes sometimes fight over girls. They do this by hitting their necks together. Bam. They're long necks crash into each other. Would you like to see how tall a giraffe is in real life? Yes, that would be impressive! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transcript: alugha

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