The subconsciousness of Bernd, who is stretched thin in everyday life, pulls the plug. It shows him in a fascinating way that life is not all work. So he ends up in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas and eventually finds himself again. Did you know - BERNDOUT is also available in german: ore you can use alugha here on Youtube and switch between languages. All you gotta do is download the free internet browser add-on from the official browser store here: for Google Chrome: for Safari: Or our FREE app for Android:

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Time to Switch - BMWi3 Trailer

Range anxiety? What happens when my electric car suddenly runs out of energy? Where can I charge it? CEO Bernd Korz answers these questions in the first alugha originals series about the BMW i3! Time to switch!

Time to Switch – Episode I Teaser

Why an electric car? We all know that it can’t go on like this. Electric cars can be the solution. There are argument in favor and against it. In our first episode of Time to Switch we talk about advantages and disadvantages of electric cars. see more?:

TIME to SWICH – Episode II

E-Car vs. combustion engine car! You can find filling stations for conventional cars everywhere, but what about charging opportunities for electric cars? And how much does it cost? In the second episode of “Time to Switch”, Bernd tells you about his personal experience with the switch.