E-Longboard - The cooler bicycle alternative? Testing the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser

Some days ago I got my bicycle stolen in Mannheim. Cut chain and it disappeared. Most of the times you can’t take your bicycle inside, depending on where you are. A Longboard is more practical in this case. If someone would tell me, that there are some startup which mount brushless motors on Longboards and then ride them with electric power, than this would be a pretty strong concurrent of the bicycle als ultimate Traveldevice for middle distances. Der Erlebnisladen and Optamit were so friendly and let me test the E-Longboard „E-Go Cruiser“ of Yuneec - These are my test impressions - enjoy watching! Technical Details and Properties summarized: Brand: Yuneec Model: E-Go Cruiser Weight: 6,3 kg Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery Charging Time: 3-5 hours Range: 30km (in the test 17km - driver’s weight around 86kg) Vmax: 20km/h (in the test 22km/h) Deck: 8-layers of maple wood Wheels: 70x52mm Wheels Trucks: High quality aluminium trucks Bearings: ABEC 9 Special features: Regenerative braking (recharges the battery), USB Port (can charge your phone), Controller shows the battery status (one blink for 25% power each) Buy here: https://goo.gl/TmNMvZ Personal final thought: A lot of fun driving around, but after some time I wanted to go faster, but it is a huge fun though. The charging time is with 3-5 hours quite long, but as the battery is fully charged the board makes you just feel happy. The big 70mm wheels are compared to the regular 55mm longboard wheels a lot more comfortable because they drive easier over for example cracks. For me personally who always rode distances between 2 and 6km with the bicycle, its a true alternative for a bicycle. hoTodi.tv, our sites & infos: hoTodi | http://hotodi.com Twitter | http://twitter.com/hotodi_com Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/hoTodi.tv Google+ | http://goo.gl/oIf5B Pinterest | http://pinterest.com/hotodi/ alugha | https://alugha.com

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