How Does the Stomach Work?

This animation explains what happens inside our stomach after we have eaten. The main task of the stomach is to temporarily store food in order to pass it on to the bowel in small doses. There the digestion continues. But the stomach does not always work as it is supposed to. Functional dyspepsia is a chronic condition with symptoms that about one third of people worldwide experience. Whenever they eat too much, too much fatty food or too late in the evening, they suffer from stomach pain, a sensation of fullness and heartburn. Nicotine and caffeine make the symptoms worse. The technical term for these problems is functional dyspepsia. The patient experiences pain and unpleasant sensations in the upper abdomen either repeatedly or in some cases permanently. There are many contributing factors and so far, the condition is not fully understood. An over-sensitive nervous system in the gastrointestinal tract may play a role, as may an underactive GI tract. The problems can also be caused by increased tension or spasms in the stomach muscles. Learn more here: Subscribe to our channel for more interesting science videos:

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