Why you should avoid almost every Start Up fair! #MCMO

We've been at so many Start Up fairs by now and why? Because we were stupid! In this video I will explain my opinion why you should avoid almost every show like this! #MCMO STEP NYC - Startup and Entrepreneur Program: https://alugha.com/videos/9096fb34-c5c5-11e6-bbc4-19eb050549d5 You have a video suggestion for us? Just drop it below in the comments or tweet us - we’ll check out what we can do! Our Sites & Info: hoTodi | http://hotodi.com Twitter | http://twitter.com/hotodi_com Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/hoTodi.tv Google+ | http://goo.gl/oIf5B Pinterest | http://pinterest.com/hotodi/ alugha | https://alugha.com Business inquiries | hotodi@alugha.com

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