Polish male voiceover sample - Krzysztof 1

🎧 info@voiceover-samples.com 🎧 Polish male voiceover talent Krzysztof1 is ready to voice your next upcoming video's Polish version in Poland. Polish voiceover samples: 🎤 http://polish.voiceoversamples.com 🎤 --------------------------------------- This Gerard video in various languages: - in French: http://french.voiceoversamples.com/FRE_M_JeanNL_Gerard.html - in Norwegian: http://norwegian.voiceoversamples.com/NO_M_TrondH_Gerard.html - in Romanian: http://romanian.voiceoversamples.com/RO_M_MariusI_Gerard.html - in Hungarian: http://hungarian.voiceoversamples.com/HUN_M_ZsoltM_Gerard.html - in Slovenian: https://youtu.be/cscalhstXZg - in German: https://youtu.be/cRKuBY18B6k - in Russian: https://youtu.be/wRKaYT7YasY - in Polish: https://youtu.be/HWUO_Klmrdc

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English male voiceover sample - Nick H.

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