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Spanish male voiceover sample - Alex M.

🎧 info@voiceover-samples.com 🎧 Spanish male voiceover talent Alex M. is ready to voice your next upcoming video's Spanish version in Spain: http://spanish.voiceoversamples.com Volkswagen videos in various languages: 🎤 http://volkswagen.voiceover-samples.com 🎤

French male voiceover sample - Jean N. L.

🎧 info@voiceover-samples.com 🎧 French male voiceover talent Jean N. L. is ready to voice your next upcoming video's French version in France: http://french.voiceoversamples.com --------------------------------------- This Gerard video in various languages: http://www.voiceover-samples.com/gerard-v

English male voiceover sample - Nick H.

http://english.voiceoversamples.com English male voiceover talent Nick H. is ready to voice your next upcoming video's English version. Contact us for English voiceovers: http://voice-over-samples.com or send us an e-mail: translatorteam.voiceoversamples@gmail.com -----------------------------------

Finnish male voiceover sample - Riku M.

🎧 info@voiceover-samples.com 🎧 Finnish male voiceover talent Riku M. is ready to voice your next upcoming video's Finnish version. Contact us for voiceovers in Finland http://finnish.voiceoversamples.com Boat Show videos in various languages: http://boatshow.voiceoversamples.com http://www.voiceov