A culture of innovation - Bosch History

Since 1886, Bosch has been producing goods. Thanks to solutions that no one else was able to design and manufacture, and products that offered advantages to the customers, Bosch quickly grew to become a leading company in automotive technology. Revisit the origins of innovation. You can find out more about Robert Bosch and how his company developed over the years on our History Blog: http://blog.bosch.com/history/en/

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Inventors at Bosch: Gökce Cetin Görbuz (plate heat exchanger)

Around the world, Bosch engineers file 19 patent applications every working day. One of them is Gökce Cetin Görbuz from Turkey. Learn more about how the innovations of Bosch inventors make our lives easier, better -- and often safer: http://www.bosch.com/en/com/boschglobal/inventors_for_life/invent