Climb the highest roofs of the world, in 5 minutes to NewYorkCity and back, together with Mila Kunis on the screens of the Cinemas? Alright, why not - today's there is nothing easier than that and no - you don’t need expensive software like photoshop anymore. With the free software GIMP, for example, you can easily crop objects out of an image and paste it into another image to create completely new compositions. Your imagination is the limit - so let’s go - the possibilities are almost limitless! I go together with you step by step through one of my own cropping manipulations. Look and learn how I created one of my most liked Instagram images so far - wow effect guaranteed - and soon also on your images! Free Download GIMP: Windows: macOS: Have fun „pimping“ your Pictures! If I was able to help you with this video, let me know it with giving me a thumbs up. I am also glad for every kind of suggestions, praise, critics or video requests in the comments. By the way: Subscribing to hoTodi is free :) hoTodi TV, our Sites & Infos: hoTodi |

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Absina 11 kW charging cable

Today, we're taking a closer look at the ABSINA type 2 charging cable so that we don't run out of juice on the road. Technical data: Charging power: max. 11 kW Ingress protection: IP55 Output current: 16 A Number of phases: 3-phase High voltage resistance: 2600 V AC Operating temperature: -40 °C .

Mobile garden fence

The forest is taking on more and more character. Now it's time to let the shrubs grow and flourish. To protect them, we bought a barrier fence. In this video, you'll learn what it looks like and how to set it up. Buy on Amazon* : *Affiliate link

Rose Arch assembly

Today, the chicken fence is decoratively complemented by a rose arch. Thanks to its struts, it offers plenty of space and support for roses and other climbing plants. In this video you can see how to assemble it and if the whole thing is stable. Assembly takes about 20-30 minutes and all you need