How to measure residual moisture in firewood

In the last few weeks I was busy working in my small forest. I removed some dead trees and then sawed and chopped the wood. Now I had to find out how moist the wood actually should be and how I can measure the so-called residual moisture. I decided to buy a small, handy device from Brennenstuhl for about 13 euros. You just need a 9V block battery and you're ready to go. Have fun watching! Amazon Link (Affiliate): Brennenstuhl moisture detecter -> Block batteries ->

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我在 20 多年前买了这把无绳电钻,在过去15年里,它一直呆在车库里 "未被发现"。 这真的很疯狂! 现在我启动了它,它开始转动了。然而,电池很快就没电了。我想在博世购买新的电池,但后来我发现已经没卖了。怎么办?扔掉这个无绳电钻吗? 然后,我找到了想要的东西,并想:嘿,我可以马上做一个关于它的视频:) 亚马逊上的博世替代电池*: 价格:我当时付了21欧元,目前是25欧元。 *附属的链接 制造商提供的信息。 Creabest Creabest 是一个世界著名的品牌,是拥有自己的电动工具、真空电池和充电器的制造商。 20年的研发和制造经验


帕尔马森土豆配香草和大蒜 成分: 1 公斤土豆 3 瓣大蒜 60 毫升橄榄油 1 汤匙迷迭香,新鲜或干燥 1 汤匙百里香,新鲜或干燥 盐 辣椒粉 2-3 汤匙帕玛森干酪,磨碎 40 克面包屑 营养事实: 400 千卡 16 克脂 53 克碳水化合物 8 克蛋白质 准备时间:约 30 分钟 食谱(德语): 我用小米 Mi 11

Homemade Sugar Free Peanut Butter

For type 2 diabetics, eating well is not always easy. You keep finding sugar in almost everything.... Often even in huge amounts. Peanut butter from the store often contains 8-12 grams of sugar per 100 grams. If you don't want to have unnecessary plastic at home and want to make peanut butter the w