BTHVN on Tour – Making of

Kicking off in Leipzig before traveling to the United States for the rest of this year, the unprecedented 'BTHVN on Tour' exhibition will begin two years of travelling around the globe to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth in 2020. Coincidentally, 2019 marks another major birthday celebration, too. DHL was founded exactly 50 years ago in San Francisco, inaugurating the world's first air express delivery service and introducing today's leading logistics industry provider. Subscribe to our channel: Find us on: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: For more information, visit our official website: About this channel: Welcome to the official YouTube channel of DHL, the global market leader in the logistics industry and The Logistics Company for the world. In our videos, we guide you through our work space and show you moments of achievement and innovation with our partners. Hit the subscribe button now, stay up to date, and gain exclusive insights.

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Let’s wave to say thank you

At DHL we want to propose you something really special. From now on, whenever you come across a truckman or messenger all we ask you is to wave them, so they will know everything they have done for us, all their sacrifice was worthy. Subscribe to our channel: Find us on

The Evolution of the DHL Parcelcopter

Ever since the DHL Parcelcopter debuted with its maiden flight in 2013, we’ve been working to integrate it into real-life logistics situations. Watch the video to see how the Parcelcopter is delivering medicine to a remote island in northern Germany and consumer packages to a mountain village in Bav