This channel was not officially created by DHL. It was created by alugha to bundle all the videos from this producer into one channel and make it easier to locate them.
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Let’s wave to say thank you

At DHL we want to propose you something really special. From now on, whenever you come across a truckman or messenger all we ask you is to wave them, so they will know everything they have done for us, all their sacrifice was worthy. Subscribe to our channel: Find us on

The Evolution of the DHL Parcelcopter

Ever since the DHL Parcelcopter debuted with its maiden flight in 2013, we’ve been working to integrate it into real-life logistics situations. Watch the video to see how the Parcelcopter is delivering medicine to a remote island in northern Germany and consumer packages to a mountain village in Bav

DHL Express Goes Undercover with Panamanian Entrepreneur

From drawing her first rain boot sketch on a napkin, to exporting her products around the world, Maria Quintero has evolved her small Panamanian business Undercover Boots, into a global business that knows no limits. She has paired her passion of footwear and culture to create unique and innovative


DE Green at heart - Living Logistics

Saving the environment and halting climate change? It's a tall order – so can any one person's actions really make a difference? Meet DHL employees around the world who are proving just how big an impact each one of us can have. Around 550,000 people work for Deutsche Post DHL Group. Taken together


DE Introduction: Sustainable. Responsible. - Living Logistics

Living Logistics delves deep into stories that will move and surprise you – and introduce you to people who are doing meaningful work, stepping up sustainable living and making transport networks greener than you might expect. Host: Deborah Friedman Editor-in-Chief: Markus Wohsmann Production: D

BTHVN on Tour – Making of

Kicking off in Leipzig before traveling to the United States for the rest of this year, the unprecedented 'BTHVN on Tour' exhibition will begin two years of travelling around the globe to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth in 2020. Coincidentally, 2019 marks another ma