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The name chimpanzee may be in reference to one of two animal species. The two chimpanzee species are the common chimpanzee and the bonobo. This episode focuses on the common chimpanzee. Common chimpanzees are endemic to sub-Saharan African. They live in groups, called communities, numbering from 15 to more than 100 members. Common chimpanzees were believed to be vegetarian in the past, but now it's known that these apes eat meat! They'll even hunt other primates like colobus monkeys. Chimpanzees are able to use tools to find food and collect water and they share many gestures in order to communicate. It's believed chimpanzees are genetically the closest living animals to humans! Scientific Name: Pan troglodytes Range: sub-Saharan Africa Size: 70-130lbs (32-59kg) Diet: mostly fruit, also seeds, leaves, insects, and mammals Lifespan: 40+ years in the wild Support the channel on Patreon: Further Reading: "Is it appropriate to use the term "Pygmy" when speaking of...Pygmies?" by gregladen - You can learn more on: Twitter - Facebook - --- We always do what we can to be as accurate as possible, but we're only human; if you catch a mistake please let us know and provide a link for verification! --- All images, videos and sound effects used herein are 1) public domain, 2) used under a Creative Commons license, 3) used with the express permission of the copyright holder, or 4) used under the parameters of Fair Use law. Credits via Youtube: Alexander Nechantizky -; Journeys Discovering Africa - Tokyo Zoological -; Dan Moutal - Ntuara Jr - ButForTheSky -;;; Credits via Wiki: Natataek at English Wikivoyage - Other attributions: Diagnosis:Wanderlust - Zoo Knoxville -; Michael Noonan -;;;; Krief S, Cibot M, Bortolamiol S, Seguya A, Krief J-M, et al. (2014) Wild Chimpanzees on the Edge: Nocturnal Activities in Croplands. PLoS ONE 9(10): e109925. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0109925 -;; Websites used for research collection: This video is licensed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license (*. *you can find information about all the different types of CC licenses here: **changes were made to the original Transcript: alugha Click here to see more videos:

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