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Bees may be the honey producing colony workers most people known and love, or they may be something else entirely! Considering there are somewhere around 20,000 classified species of bees (and even more who need classification), there's plenty of room for diversity among all the bee species. Scientific Name: Clade - Anthophila Range: worldwide/anywhere with flowers! Size: 2-40mm (males are typically smaller) Diet: nectar, pollen, flower oil... and sometimes meat! Lifespan: depends on the species, season, position in colony, etc. Support the channel on Patreon: You can learn more on: Twitter - Facebook - --- We always do what we can to be as accurate as possible, but we're only human; if you catch a mistake please let us know and provide a link for verification! --- All images, videos and sound effects used herein are 1) public domain, 2) used under a Creative Commons license, 3) used with the express permission of the copyright holder, or 4) used under the parameters of Fair Use law. Credits via Flickr: Gilles Gonthier - PIG - gbohne - Credits via Wiki Users: José Reynaldo da Fonseca - Alvesgaspar - Beatriz Moisset - L. Shyamal - Maarten Sepp - Harald Hoyer - Lars Haeh - Other attributions: M. C. Cavalcante, F. F. Oliveira, M. M. Maués, and B. M. Freitas - Websites used for research collection: This video is licensed under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license (*. *you can find information about all the different types of CC licenses here: **changes were made to the original Transcript: alugha Click here to see more videos:

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