Old blue Bosch cordless drill with new batteries

More than 20 years ago I bought this cordless drill and the last 15 years it was "hiding" in the garage. It was really crazy! I fired it up and there was something turning. However, the batteries died quickly. I wanted to buy new batteries for it at Bosch, but then I found out that they are no longer available. What now? Throw away the cordless drill? I then found something and I thought: Hey! Let's do a video about it :) Replacement Bosch batteries at Amazon*: https://amzn.to/3d3mQmm Price: I paid 21 euros at the time, currently they cost 25 euros. *affiliate link Info via manufacturer: Via Creabest: Creabest is a world-renowned brand that has its own manufacturer of power tools, vacuum batteries and chargers. 20 years experience in R&D and manufacturing make us more professional in quality control, with experience and customer service. We now meet our customers directly and offer the best deal, please buy with confidence. Replace part number: 2607335054 2607335055 2607335071 2607335081 2607335107 2607335108 2607335143 2607335145 2607335148 2607335151 2607335172 2607335185 2607335243 2607335244 2607335250 2607335376 2607335378 2607335471 2610910405 2607335090 BAT011 BH1214H BH1214L BH1214MH H1214N Compatible with: (please search with "Ctrl + F") 3300K, 3305K, 330K, 3310K, 3315K, 3500 ABS 12 M-2, ABS M 12V, AHS 3 Accu, AHS 4, AHS A Accu, ASG 52, ATS 12-P B2300, B2310, B2500, BABS 12V, BH-1214 GBM 12V, GBM 12VES-2, GLI 12V, GSB 12 VSE-2, GSB 12 VSP-3, GSB 12VSP-2, GDR 12V, GSR 12V, GSR 12VES-2, GSR 12VES-3, GSR 12VET, GSR 12VPE-2, GSR 12VSH-2 PSB 12VSP-2, PSR 120, PSR 12VES-2

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