Mesomerism simply explained - definition, rules & examples benzene & aniline - organic chemistry

Mesomerism simply explained - definition, rules & examples benzene & aniline - organic chemistry. Mesomerism is also called resonance, it describes the bonds in molecules with the help of several structural formulas. The possible structural formulas are the resonance structures. The more resonance structures a molecule can have, the higher the stability. There are three rules to follow: free and bonded electron pairs must be folded over; only the neighboring atom is needed when folding over; and electron pairs must be folded away if there are too many electrons on the neighboring atom. WATCH THE VIDEO ON ISOMERISM: Check out the organic chemistry playlist: --------------------------------------------- ➡ SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE: ➡ ALL CHANNELS: - Tutoring & Knowledge: - Business & Law: - Spanish: - Computer Science: - Quizzes & Puzzles: - Community channel: ➡ YOU CAN ALSO FIND US HERE! - Instagram: - Facebook: - Twitter: ➡ WHAT IS MERKHILFE? We believe that education should be available to everyone for free! That's why our YouTube channels feature modern tutoring and general knowledge videos on many subjects: biology, German, English, math, geography, history, Spanish, economics, philosophy, physics, chemistry, religion, computer science, politics, society, law, and psychology. ➡ PRODUCTION OF THIS VIDEO: Script: Henri, Sandra Visual conception: Henri Sound & editing: Oliver, Henri ➡ ➡ COOL BOOK TIPS FOR THE CHEMISTRY PLAYLIST: * Organic Chemistry for Dummies: * Inorganic Chemistry for Dummies: * Chemistry A-level material compact: * Duden A-level reference book: All lines marked with * contain so-called affiliate links. If you buy something, we get a small commission from Amazon. There are no additional costs for you!

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