Hot Tub Laz-Y-Spa Honolulu Setup Instructions

I got something cool for my birthday: a hot tub! So I asked myself if these things are any good at all and if they are stable. After all, they are quite expensive! The setup took a solid 45 minutes. Filling it with water using a garden hose took another 1.5 hours. The water had about 24° Celsius directly after it was filled in, so it had to be warmed up first. The heater manages about 1.5° - 2°C per hour. So if you think you can set the hot tub up quickly, put the water in and jump in... you're wrong. But it doesn't matter! The wait is worth it! It's REALLY sturdy, makes GREAT bubbles and is a lot of fun to use. Pure relaxation everywhere, in the yard, on the patio,... For all the other information, watch the video :) You can buy the hot tub model Honolulu here on Amazon: Click here for a lot of accessories on Amazon: The links are affiliate links! I filmed the entire video with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra 5G. I also used it to edit the video and add the audio track. I used the free version of CapCut for editing (does a paid version even exist?) :)

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