Isomerism simply explained - definition & types - constitutional, stereo, conformational & configurational

Isomerism simply explained - definition & types - constitutional isomerism, stereoisomerism, conformational isomerism and configurational isomerism - organic chemistry. Isomerism describes several compounds that have the same molecular formula and molecular mass. Isomerism is distinguished between constitutional isomerism and stereoisomerism. Stereoisomerism is further divided into configurational isomerism and conformational isomerism. Configurational isomerism is further divided into enantiomerism and diastereomerism. In constitutional isomerism, at least 2 molecules have the same molecular formula, but the bond between the atoms differs. In stereoisomerism, also at least two molecules have the same molecular formula, but the bonds between the atoms are the same. WATCH THE VIDEO ON MESOMERISM: Check out the organic chemistry playlist: --------------------------------------------- ➡ SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE: ➡ ALL CHANNELS: - Tutoring & Knowledge: - Business & Law: - Spanish: - Computer Science: - Quizzes & Puzzles: - Community channel: ➡ YOU CAN ALSO FIND US HERE! - Instagram: - Facebook: - Twitter: ➡ WHAT IS MERKHILFE? We believe that education should be available to everyone for free! That's why our YouTube channels feature modern tutoring and general knowledge videos on many subjects: biology, German, English, math, geography, history, Spanish, economics, philosophy, physics, chemistry, religion, computer science, politics, society, law, and psychology. ➡ PRODUCTION OF THIS VIDEO: Script: Henri Visual conception: Henri Sound & editing: Oliver, Henri ➡ ➡ COOL BOOK TIPS FOR THE CHEMISTRY PLAYLIST: * Organic Chemistry for Dummies: * Inorganic Chemistry for Dummies: * Chemistry A-level material compact: * Duden A-level reference book: All lines marked with * contain so-called affiliate links. If you buy something, we get a small commission from Amazon. There are no additional costs for you!

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