Enrollment is open! – Zuni

Open enrollment is here, and protecting your family has never been easier. Medicare enrollment is open until December 7. Marketplace enrollment is open until December 15. Contact your local Indian Health Care Provider for more info.

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Open Enrollment – Zuni

Life’s an adventure, but your health shouldn’t be. Check out open enrollment options November 1 – January 15. Contact your local Indian health care provider for more information, visit Healthcare.gov, or call 1–800–318–2596. A message from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Video: “Vision Health” (English) — :15 seconds

Peace of mind is knowing your child has access to quality vision care. About 1 in 10 preschoolers and 25% of kids in grades K-6 have vision deficiencies. When vision problems go undetected in children, it can lead to impaired development or a misdiagnosed learning disability. Regular comprehensive e