Download YouTube Video in Safari 10 / 11 (and 12*) with just 1 click thanks iTube Studio for MacOS

#Download​ #YouTube​ #Videos​ with #Safari​ 10 / 11 / 12 in just 1 click​ and​ (check below for additional infos) - How to for Mac / MacOS Users #thelastship​ #war​ #ship​ #television​ #snow​ #winter​ #virus​ #covid​ #coronavirus​ #tvshow​ #tvserien​ #downloader​ #macos​ #mac​ #apple​ Do you have problems using the extension? You can extract it manually using cd /Users/university/Desktop (you need to change it with your path, like cd /Users/....) xar -xf 'iTube Studio.safariextz' To activate the extension, you need to visit the menu bar, select Develop and then Show Extension Builder. If you don’t see Develop in the menu bar, then you need to open Safari Preference, Advanced and enable the option “Show Develop menu in menu bar” With Safari 10, 11 you can simply double click the extension to install it. Keep in mind that the dev DELETED the extension and they don't give you any extensions, even if you ask 1000x. So you need to use what i shared​ --------------------------- 💥💥💥AppleDataHoarding: DataHoarders using MacOS💥💥💥 🤜 🤜🤜 Reddit:​ 🤜🤜 Discord:​ 🤜 TikTok:

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