A better browser Chrome alternative to download videos: CocCoc | Chromium based for DataHoarder

#best #chrome #alternative for #datahoarders http://pixly.me/coccoc - How to for Mac / MacOS Users. CocCoc Browser works without problem on HBO Game of Thrones official website. It works great on other websites and on different socials too, without need to install Mac Apps or Chrome Extensions! Plus there is a Torrent feature too. Please keep in mind that we sent over 400+ suggestions to 30+ Chromium based browsers, Safari and Firefox devs, with a lot hoarding suggestions too. So you will for sure see improvements in the future, but probably not all will be implemented. #download #video #youtube #twitter #website #gameofthrones #got #frozen #design --------------------------- 💥💥💥AppleDataHoarding: DataHoarders using MacOS💥💥💥 🤜 🤜🤜 Reddit: http://pixly.me/adhreddit 🤜🤜 Discord: http://pixly.me/adhdiscord 🤜 TikTok: http://pixly.me/adhtiktok

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