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2017 Junior Davis Cup

In addition to the current Bundesliga, an international tournament between seven European countries took place on the courts of the Tennisklub Grün-Weiß Mannheim from August 2nd to 4th: The 2017 Junior Davis Cup.

Grün-Weiss MA Home Games of the 2016 season

Being one of the most successful tennis clubs in Germany, Grün-Weiss Mannheim can look back on a history of more than 100 years. The traditional club was at the top of their game again in 2016, and had a lot to offer on and off the court. Alugha was there and accompanied the players, trainer and gue

Home, match & victory 2016

World class tennis live in Mannheim on the premises of the Tennisclub Grün-Weiss Mannheim. This video is multilingual (in English, en Español, auf Deutsch, en Français) thanks to alugha. You’re a video producer? Create multilingual videos with alugha to get more subscribers, more success and to