Paperform Bookings Overview

We're so proud of our latest feature release. Bookings for Paperform is all about opening up the ability to schedule appointments as a part of a larger form. There are a lot of great scheduling tools out there, but there just as many use-cases for scheduling that require more to be captured than just a meeting. Here's a glimpse of what's possible with Bookings for Paperform: 1. Generate a price for how long a service will take, take the payment, and let the customer choose the time-slot from your availability - all in one form. 2. Let the customer choose a range of dates for a booking or a hire, and calculate the cost based on the number of days they have selected. 3. Take multiple appointments on a single form. 4. Create simple "Schedule a 30 minute meeting" forms fast. Our new "Appointments" field type helps make these uses cases a reality. The appointment field can connect to a Google Calendar, and be tightly configured to behave the way you need. Because it's just another field type, you can use more than one on a form. The other secret ingredient in this release is an update to our "Calculations" field, which adds a bunch of functions for working with dates, such as calculating the times between two dates, formatting dates, and others. For some more advanced use cases, checkout these bonus YT tutorials: - [Create a Bookings Form that Takes Payment with Paperform]( - [Auto Calculating Appointment Times with Paperform Bookings]( Put together appointments and calculations opens up a whole world of possibilities, we can't wait to see what you come up with!

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