Wingamm Oasi 540 | Virtual Tour | Dec 2020

Wingamm OASI 540 ARRIVE AND PARK WHEREVER YOU WANT WITH THE COMFORT OF YOUR DREAMS All features premium from the Oasi range expressed in a compact form to face every journey with maximum dynamism and without sacrificing comfort. A unique and refined look enclosed in small dimensions, dedicated to the itinerant, curious, modern couple, who shuns banality and wants to tackle every trip without compromise, to discover the villages and less conventional destinations. Compact, aerodynamic, light: the performance of the camper Oasi 540 they are compelling and fascinating. Thanks to the small size and aerodynamics of the monocoque in fiberglass driving comfort is unmatched, especially on long journeys. The small external dimensions (the length of only 5.40mt) make it even more stunning generosity of the interior spaces.

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