Absina Battery Charger A3800

After a dark and cold winter, the first rays of sunshine finally appear. A good opportunity to get the motorhome back on the road. However, it is not uncommon that after a long standstill, the battery suddenly wants to give you a run for your money. 
I check the status and present to you in this video the Absina battery charger A3800. Suitable for: 6V & 12V lead acid batteries (wet/wet, gel, MF/maintenance free,AGM, CA, VRLA, EFB, LiFePO4) up to 120Ah and 12.8V lithium battery (4-cell LiFePO4) with 8-50Ah. Buy from Amazon* : https://amzn.to/3veKMh1 *affiliate link

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UHU dehumidifier

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Capri Gas Stove

The Capri gas stove grill takes up little space in the motorhome and is therefore perfect for grilling on the go! With 2 burners, it has space for a maximum of 4 steaks. In addition, the CFH two-burner stove can be connected directly to standard 5- and 11-kg propane gas bottles and is approved for o