Serenity (2016)

A short, extreme violent fighting scene. Ninja Assassin vs. Kung Fu Master. Who will win? ;) This is a funny idea I once had inspired by animation mentor's free webinar "the anatomy of a fight" with Dr. Stuart Sumida. I finally finished work after long time rendering. 3D-Art & Animation by Manuel Ding, freelance-Animator & Artist. For more information visit:

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CreepilyPeak (2008)

This is my very very first little, funny 3D-Animation Shortfilm. It is about a ghost coming home after his work and just want to sleep, because the day is dawning, but... 3D-Art and -Animation by Manuel Ding, freelance animator and artist.

Adorable (2014)

a short 3D-animated story about love, dreams and longing for somebody. This film was a christmas gift for someone special. made by Manuel Ding (