From 60+ to 230+ Mac Apps in just 4 years | Setapp for MacOS: Best Cyber Monday Mac App 2021 Deal

60+ Mac Apps in 2017, 230+ in 2021, 500+ in 2023? Setapp is the future of MacApps. Now only 41$ #setapp license per #mac | Black Friday 2021 Mac App, VPN, Plugins, Pro Video and Sound Apps, Lifetime Deals, Bundles, Games Deals and more on Setapp offers you a collection of Mac Apps (actually over 230) for a cheap monthly price. No matter if you need to use all 230 apps or just 100, the price remains always the same. They continue to add new apps. Learn more about Setapp Do you know the best? You can run 2x the same app for two activities with different settings. This is possible because different Setapp apps store the setting with different library files. This doesn't work with all apps and sometimes there are conflicts or you need to use the old version on Setapp to be able to run both apps with different settings. Obviously you need to own both licenses (Setapp and original Mac App) to run both apps at the same time (for example Downie). All Setapp Apps: Best Apps: Creative Apps: Dev Apps: Education Apps: Finance Apps: Lifestyle Apps: Maintenance Toolkits: Productivity Apps: Task Apps: Writing Apps: iOS available Apps: #blackfriday #blackfriday2021 #cybermonday #cybermonday2021 #mac #macos #macapps #macapp #software #deal #deals #discount #coupon #sale #sales #plugins #professional #business #workflow #productivity

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