Meiji Restoration: History explained

The Meiji Restoration began in the year of 1868, on the 25th of January. Being sparked by civil unrest due to the decisions and treaties made between Tokugawa Iemochi and the USA, including other western powers. This lead to an uprising against Tokugawa, leading to him being overthrown by the Choshu and the Satsuma clan. From there, they brought the emperor back to power, named Meiji. Meiji and his cabinet (but mostly his cabinet) brought many new and western-like reforms to Japan, which again, lead to the Satsuma starting an uprising once more. But, unlike last time, the Satsuma were defeated by the government of Japan, the century long-lasting history of the samurai dying with them. Credits for image used at 2:27 to: Kitazawa Rakuten (1876 - 1955)

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