European Year of Citizens 2013 - "It's our Europe: Let's get active!"

Interactive event, organised by the European Ombudsman on 23 April 2013, 09.30-12.30 Video available in 21 languages on 09.30-11.00 Help solve the economic crisis Alessandra Mirabile, Fraternité 2020 ECI Marc Bertrand, Ombudsman of Wallonia and of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Didier Caluwaerts, G1000 Belgian citizens' movement 11.00-12.30 Build a clean and healthy Europe Anne-Marie Perret, Right to Water ECI Peter C. Gøtzsche, Campaigner for medical data transparency Rainer Nõlvak, Let's do it! World Cleanup Moderator: Chris Burns, Euronews

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