Venti pericolosi vicino a Capo Horn

La Patagonia è nota per i suoi venti estremi. Nella parte superiore del Sud America, masse d'aria molto fredde provenienti dall'Antartide si scontrano con l'aria più calda del nord. Tempeste violente imperversano all'estremità meridionale del continente 300 giorni all'anno. Autore: ZDF/Terra X/R.marel/s.hillmann/C.gerisch/A.kindler/SpiegelTV/Maximilian Mohr Trascrizione e doppiaggio: alugha Clicca qui per vedere altri video:

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Thought experiment Schrödinger's cat

Austrian Erwin Schrödinger was one of the pioneers of quantum physics. He is most famous for an experiment that he fortunately never conducted: Schrödinger's cat - a thought experiment. Author: ZDF/nano/Raketenfilm/Andreas Gust/Konstantin Fuchs Translation and dubbing: alugha Click here to watch

The invention of the battery

By layering copper disks, cardboard dipped in acid and zinc disks, physicist Alessandro Volta invented the so-called "voltaic pile," the world's first battery. Author: ZDF/scobel/Claus Ast/Tamara Skalski/Maximilian Mohr Translation and dubbing: alugha Click here to see more videos: https://alugha

What are CO2 emitters?

All over the world, we humans are responsible for blowing very many gases and substances into the air that are harmful to the climate. The most harmful to the climate is energy consumption. It's followed by agriculture, forestry and industry. Author: ZDF/logo/Romy Geiger Translation and dubbing: a