The interior of the Ahorn Camp T 690 Plus, New Face Edition.

There is news: alugha Travel has a new camper! After we had really great experiences and insights into the versatility of camper life with the old one, we can now call it our "new one": the Ahorn Camp T 690 Plus in the New Face Edition. First we would like to show you the inside of the camper and in the following videos also the outside, respectively more exact details of the camper. You see, we have a lot of fun and wish you just as much fun watching! 00:45 - Cockpit 04:20 - Panorama window 05:47 - Living area 07:59 - Lifting bed 09:09 - Ambient lighting 10:35 - Camper door 12:29 - Kitchen 16:13 - Bathroom 18:46 - Bedroom Ensures better sound in the motorhome with a Bluetooth soundbar: At alugha Travel you will not only find beautiful and unusual sites, but also exciting tips and information about motorhomes, camping and travel. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to before your next trip, what can happen to you on the road and where you can spend the best vacation.

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