LIFE HACKS To Quickly Organize Your Home

Organize your house, apartment, desk... anything! It's Command Hook Life Hacks! These simple little hooks can help you mount an iPad, your phone, clean up cables and even mount headphones! There are so many possibilities... just check out our video for tons of ideas. Click here to see more videos: In this video we will show you how to make the following things using simple command hooks: 1. Organize Pot Lids 2. Mount Your Tablet 3. Make a Charging Station 4. Mount Your Toothbrush 5. Secure Jewelry 6. DIY Sunglasses Holder 7. Mount/Hang Utensils 8. Hide Your Trash Can 9. Organize Your Coffee Station 10. Tape and Craft Holder 11. Hang Banners in Your Home ... and more! Our Facebook Page: Our Twitter:

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