How Safe is Graphene?

How safe is graphene when it’s used in face masks and other consumer and professional products? In this episode of Risk Bites, nanotechnology expert Professor Andrew Maynard looks at what’s known about the potential health risks associated with the engineered nanomaterial graphene, and how consumers can make smart choices when deciding whether to use graphene containing products or not. USEFUL LINKS What is graphene? Manufacturers have been using nanotechnology-derived graphene in face masks — now there are safety concerns. Andrew Maynard, Medium Health Canada advises against using graphene-containing face masks. Safety Assessment of Graphene-Based Materials: Focus on Human Health and the Environment (Fadeel et al.) What is nanotechnology? Assessing Nanoparticle Risks to Human Health: Nanotechnology: The Next Big Thing, or Much Ado about Nothing? RISK BITES Risk Bites videos are devised, created and produced by Andrew Maynard. They are produced under a Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA Backing track: Piano Flight, by Immersive Music. Click here to see more videos:

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