A story with one of the most famous logistics heroes of our time – Santa Claus!

Every year at Christmas, children all over the world look forward to the colourfully wrapped presents waiting for them under the Christmas tree. Hardly anyone thinks of the masterpiece Santa Claus performs during the Advent season. All the wishes have to be obtained from various shops and dealers and have to be delivered on time all over the world - a real hero of logistics, Santa Claus! In order to make the Christmas season a little less stressful for Santa Claus as well, the red shop has come up with something: three logistics solutions that are tailored to Santa Claus' needs and make not only the children happy at Christmas, but also Santa Claus! #christmaswithmilogistics Do you also use a wide variety of suppliers and would like support from the red shop? At https://www.wuerth-industrie.com/weih... you will find the right solutions for industrial companies.

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