Kakav oblik ima univerzum?

Može li univerzum biti beskonačan, a kakav oblik može imati? Misaoni eksperiment u dvo- i trodimenzionalnom prostoru. Autor: ZDF/Terra X/Hanna Kotarba/WENDEVARGA Prevod i sinhronizacija: alugha Kliknite ovde da biste videli još video zapisa: https://alugha.com/TerraX

LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

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Regenerative phase of an inflammation

In the regenerative phase, inflammation-resolving messenger substances are released. Macrophages of type M2 dispose of cell and tissue debris. At the same time, other immune cells begin the first repair measures. Author: 3sat/nano/DOCUVISTA Filmproduktion/Marilena Schulte,Maike Wurtscheid/Jörg Beck