Q AGE | Burning Love | alugha Show Case

This is the Alugha Show Case Video for our different "Burning Love" versions. You're listening to "Burning Love" from the Pre-Era of Q.AGE feat. Oliver Schwarzinger as a singer. Current versions:nEnglish (US) Burning Love feat. Franklin BunnnEnglish (UK) | Burning Love feat. Oliver SchwarzingernGerman | Burning Love feat. Serge Additional version ins queue: English (US) | Burning Love feat. Franklin Bun Swedish | Burning Love feat. Simon Ericsso Romanian | Burning Love feat. Maria Alugha is a great way, to switch between different Audio Track on One Video. Use the Alugha Chrome Extension to switch between the different song versions or head over to our homepage to see the embedded version: http://alugha.qage-music.com We want to support these guys to show the complex content of our project: Burning Love will be the first widly spreaded promotion where the song remains the same - doesn't matter who performes it: Q.AGE: http://qage-music.com https://facebook.com/q.age

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