5 Most Misunderstood Personality Disorders You Should Know

Personality disorders come in many different forms. Unfortunately, these conditions carry an unfortunate amount of stigma with them and are highly misunderstood with many false beliefs surrounding them. To get a better look into what personality disorders are, we’ll be exploring the five most misunderstood personality disorders. Disclaimer: This video is for informative purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any conditions. Please reach out to a mental health professional if you are struggling. Also, this video is not made to attack anyone who may display these signs or anyone diagnosed with any personality disorders, but rather to understand them and bring more awareness to the topic! Writer: Sid Thompson Script Editor: Isadora Ho Script Manager: Kelly Soong VO: Lily Hu Animator: Zyan Méndez (@tomboi.studio) YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong References: Christiansen, T. (2020, January 27). Schizotypal Personality Disorder Myths. The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab. www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/schizotypal-personality-disorder/related/stpd-myths/ Cunha, J. (2020, August 10). What Are the Nine Traits of a Narcissist? EMedicineHealth. www.emedicinehealth.com/what_are_the_nine_traits_of_a_narcissist/article_em.htm Florida Behavioral Health. (2019, October 8). Understanding Antisocial Personality Disorder. Behavioral Health Florida. www.behavioralhealthflorida.com/blog/understanding-antisocial-personality-disorder/ Harvard Health Publishing. (2019, March). Schizotypal Personality Disorder. Harvard Health. www.health.harvard.edu/a_to_z/schizotypal-personality-disorder-a-to-z Hull, M. (2020, January 28). Personality Disorder Myths. The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab. www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/personality-disorders/related/personality-disorder-myths/ Johnson, E. (2020, January 22). 6 Common Myths About Borderline Personality Disorder. Verywell Mind. www.verywellmind.com/myths-borderline-personality-disorder-425499 Mayo Clinic. (2016, September 23). Personality disorders – Symptoms and causes. www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/personality-disorders/symptoms-causes/syc-20354463 MedCircle. (2020, May 21). The 4 Most Misunderstood Personality Disorders & How to Spot Them [Video]. YouTube. www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-Vn_Qhyq38 NIMH. (2020, November 30). NIMH » Borderline Personality Disorder. National Institute of Mental Health. www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/borderline-personality-disorder/index.shtml Renzoni, C. (2019, November 26). Narcissistic Personality Disorder Myths. The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab. www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/narcissistic-personality-disorder/related/npd-myths/ Renzoni, C. (2020, November 2). Antisocial Personality Disorder Myths. The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab. www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/antisocial-personality-disorder/related/aspd-myths/ Strum, J. (2020, September 18). Histrionic Personality Disorder Myths. The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab. www.therecoveryvillage.com/mental-health/histrionic-personality-disorder/related/hpd-myths/ WebMD. (2006, February 2). Schizotypal Personality Disorder. www.webmd.com/mental-health/schizotypal-personality-disorder#1 Transcript: alugha Click here to see more videos: https://alugha.com/Psych2Go

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