Fresh water disinfection and preservation in the motor home

The disinfection and conservation of water is an important topic not only for motor home travellers. Also during trekking, yachting or simple business trips it can be necessary to disinfect and chemically clean existing water before consumption. Otherwise, one runs the risk of exposing oneself to, among other things, health-endangering bacteria and the associated consequences. Here we have tested the preservative for fresh water disinfection DEXDA Complete from WM aquatec. What you should keep in mind when using it and other interesting information can be found in this video. 📌 WM aquatec DEXDA Complete: At alugha Travel you will not only find beautiful and extraordinary pitches, but also exciting tips and information about motorhomes, camping and travel. Here you will find out what you should pay attention to before your next trip, what can happen to you on the way and where you can spend the best vacation.

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