The gods of the Greeks

From the mighty god Zeus to the all-rounder Apollo. The world of gods of the Greeks is dazzling. Author: ZDF/Terra X/Group 5/Susanne Uzt, Cristina Trebbi/ Jens Böck, Dieter Stürmer/Fabian Wienke/Sebastian Martinez/ xkopp, polloq Translation and dubbing: alugha Click here to see more videos:

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Speyer and its cathedral

The Speyer Cathedral, consecrated in 1061, became the center of the city's development and is today the largest preserved Romanesque church in the world. Author: ZDF/Terra X/Faber Courtial/Jörg Courtial/Jochen Schmidt Translation and dubbing: alugha Click here to see more videos: https://alugha.

Spears - the oldest weapons of mankind

The oldest weapons of mankind are probably 300,000 years old. In 1994, wooden javelins were discovered in Schöningen in Lower Saxony. Their discovery radically changed our view of human evolution. Author: ZDF / Terra X / Film Produktion Stein e.K./Alexander Hogh / Martin Papirowski / Timm Westen,

How the early Germans lived

How did the Germans settle and live? In the 1st century BC only about two and a half million Germanic tribes settled in all of Europe. No village had more than 200 residents. Author: ZDF/Terra X/Gruppe 5/ Sabine Bier, Sahar Eslah, Cristina Trebbi/Martin Christ, Marc Riemer, Joachim C. Seck/ Claudi