CO₂ Factor Climàtic

Amb l'ús de carbó, petroli i gas, els humans alliberen unse 40 gigatones de diòxid de carboni a l'atmosfera d'un any. Però, com es causa el CO2 l'efecte hivernacle? Autors: ZDF/Terra X/Grup 5/ Luise Wagner, Jonas Sichert, Andreas Hougardy Traducció i doblatge: alugha Feu clic aquí per obtenir més vídeos:

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Covid vaccine - order of priority

The first goal is to protect those who are most at risk: People who could get very sick and die from contracting the virus, or people who interact with high-risk groups or large numbers of people at work. Author: ZDF/logo/Judith Vehar/Marion Brand/Tim Rizzo/Jochen Schmidt Translation and dubbing:

Anatomy of the clitoris

The clitoris is part of the female genital. Only the glans clitoris is visible. Most of the organ is located inside the pelvis. URL to full docu:

The hunting secret of the lacewing

Pearl lacewings lay their eggs near termite burrows. Once the larvae have hatched, they sneak into the burrow. If a larva encounters termites there, it swings the tip of its rear end to head height of its victims and farts. Source: