Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light For On the Go

I always have my dogs with me, and I like to be outside. No matter what, we always bring dirt into the motorhome and vacuuming is part of everyday life - just as it is in my house. I was looking for a good vacuum cleaner and came across the "Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light" from Xiaomi. I had already tried a few of them and spent quite some money. It was super convenient for me that I could test something for free this time. After using the vacuum cleaner a little in the motorhome, I was really impressed. So it was quite easy for me to make a video about it. Important details: 50 AW suction power | Lightweight body - 1.2 kg | 45 min. battery life | 3-stage filtration You can buy it for example at Amazon* (usually less than 90 euros!): https://amzn.to/3yMBZBK With 45 minutes of battery life, I am more than happy. I usually vacuum in less than 10 minutes :) So I can actually use it for a whole week. Charging is also quite fast and my inverter handled it easily. More information directly from the manufacturer: https://www.mi.com/de/product/mi-vacuum-cleaner-light/ As always! Filmed with my Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra 5G. But this time I edited with Final Cut Pro :) Xiaomi gave me the vacuum cleaner for free and I was allowed to keep it. *affiliate link At alugha Travel you will not only find beautiful and unusual sites, but also exciting tips and information about motorhomes, camping and travel. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to before your next trip, what can happen to you on the road and where you can spend the best vacation.

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